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Principal Investigator

Kazuharu Ohashi

Assistant Professor  2004 – Present

Email: kohashi (at) 

  • Cognitive abilities of pollinators and their effects on the evolution of floral phenotypes
  • Consequences of floral trait combinations for male/female fitness through changes in pollinator behavior
  • The evolution of floral phenotypes in multispecies interactions


Kentaro Takagi

Mechanisms of changes in floral constancy of bumble bees with varying spatial arrangement of flowers


Minori Okubo

How do differences in petal size and color properties alter the guidance effect of bull's-eye marks?


Sota Anazawa

Ayumu Tanaka

Nagisa Wada

Effects of visual fusion and petal color properties on visual detection of floral displays from a distance

Adaptive significance of compact inflorescences in floral generalization for diverse pollinators

Patterns of pollinator movement and anther/stigma contacts on heterospecific pollen transfer


Takami Konishi

Rei Onishi

Nozomi Takeuchi

Effects of flower orientation and corolla morphology on pollination efficiency in butterfly-pollinated flowers

Associations between floral trait syndromes and visitor communities

Cognitive causes of individual variation in priority of speed and accuracy in foraging bumble bees


Ikue Suzuki

Under consideration

Alumnae & Alumni (but still our members!)

Yukine Kawamura

Kohei Terada

Maika Uehara

Nina Jirgal (Univ. Manchester)

Kaori Miyazaki

Marie Yamaguchi

Relationship between floral color aspects and pollinator attraction in floral color-changing plants    collaboration continuing

Evaluation of different pollinator groups from the perspective of pollen-species composition on their bodies

Exploring aspects of floral display that enhance visual detection by pollinators

Effects of flower orientation and symmetry on the approach consistency of bumble bees

Effects of color-scent differences on competition and facilitation among flower species in bumble-bee attraction

How does floral morphology affect the likelihood of heterospecific pollen deposition at pollinator visits?

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