Who are we?

Principal Investigator

Kazuharu Ohashi

Assistant Professor  2004 – Present

Email: kohashi (at)

  • Cognitive abilities of pollinators and their effects on the evolution of floral phenotypes
  • Consequences of floral trait combinations for male/female fitness through changes in pollinator behavior
  • The evolution of floral phenotypes in multispecies interactions


Kohei Terada            

Difference in the proportion of heterospecific pollen on bodies of different groups of flower-visiting insects


Nina Jirgal

Effects of flower orientation and symmetry on the approach consistency of bumble bees

Yukine Kawamura

Relationship between floral color aspects and pollinator attraction in floral color-changing plants

Minori Okubo

Confounding effect of tube length and petal size on foraging rate of bumble bees

Marie Yamaguchi

How does floral morphology affect the likelihood of heterospecific pollen deposition at pollinator visits?


Maika Uehara

Exploring aspects of floral display that enhance visual detection by pollinators

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