To which we are connected.

▶︎Sato laboratory: We cooperate with each other in various occasions.

▶︎Graduate School of Science and Technology: This is our department.

▶︎Master's Program in Mountain Studies: Ohashi can also take master students in this program.

▶︎College of Biological Sciences: Where Ohashi teaches undergraduate students.

▶︎Sugadaira Montane Research Center: One of the university facilities we use for research and field courses.

▶︎Tsukuba Botanical Garden: We often use this garden for conducting research.

▶︎The Ecological Society of Japan: The biggest domestic society for ecology. We often attend their annual conferences.

▶︎The Society for the Study of Species Biology: A relatively small society for ecology and evolution. Japanese version of SCAPE.

▶︎Scandinavian Association for Pollination Ecology (SCAPE): An international society for pollination ecology. Their annual conferences are legendarily great.